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Cats, Frost, Webs

· Haiku

Here are a few haiku I wrote during the frigid first half of the British winter. The ice-encrusted spiders web was a lovely surprise, and likewise my managing to skive the work Xmas party. Apparently there is a silver lining to the endless rail strikes!


Silent and frozen—
No birds this winter morning
Time to make coffee

The winter silence
Forcing me to look closely
Is the world waiting?


His face welcomes daylight
Pale sun sinking already?
He dashes outside…

Roofs below grey stratus—
Pigeons patiently patrol
Will spring return?

Restless and watchful,
Through her silent wonderland—
Rouged robin flashes by


Bird plate sheds ice discs
The lawn a frozen wasteland
Red robin ponders…


Ghostlike grey but faint
Suspended orb in blue paleness
Almost unnoticed…

The annual dreadful—
Office Christmas Party, uchh groan…
Rail strikes! A reprieve.


Serenely cocooned—
Black shine under white frosting
Shelters cold felines

Lambent and handsome,
Skin shines with ice crystal hairs
Yasu the Yaris


Robin glances up
Gazing down, pigeon pauses pecking
Brief winter greeting…

Garden drinking plate—
Sky reflected reveals bulge
He ponders curved ice…


Monkey nuts strewn about
Magpie plucks one with aplomb—
Nothing to see here…


Flashing furry fists
Feline demands his breakfast
Thin end of the wedge…

Ice-shrouded cables—
Laced around garden chair
Spider’s Christmas gift…

Past frost-shushed fields—
To a pet store in the pines
Cat snacks mercy dash!