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Dreams of Sleeping Clouds

· Verse,Spain

The unreliability of the British Isles includes it's weather. By contrast, southern Spain reliability produces both beautiful clear sunny days and also spectacular thunderstorms. Even when the sky is almost completely clear of an evening, you can still find frequent pockets of drama.

Here's a quick verse about a remarkable cloud - the only cloud - visible in the evening sky. I noticed it just before retiring to bed one evening in Andalusia a couple of weeks ago. I really wonder whether I might have been the only witness to the sight of pink and white lightning flashing continually within the white mass. I'd never seen anything like that, certainly not in grey fungal UK.

Bed awaits but something draws me
Lone watcher from the window
Nightfall nears
Dark blue of the fading day above
Dark clarity above the sierras
Against the eastern rim
Strange scarlet evening anvil
Narrow waist, flat top
Alone above the landscape
Tall behind the olivar
Peering down upon villages
Settling into dusk
Sky sentinel looming
Leaning upon the land rim
Silent filigrees
Flash unnoticed
Internal fractal lace
Loaned lambency
Shocks, seizures, shudders
Nature's battery manifest
Traced white fire repeats
Pink performance persists
Throes of a dreaming cloud
Spasms of the sky
More menacing mood lighting