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RAF Cosford

· Verse,Aircraft

Last Sunday saw the airshow at Cosford, sadly now the UK's only remaining RAF display. My first visit to Cosford was in 2008 with my parents, to wander the fantastic static displays amongst the Fairey Delta, TSR2, V-bombers and other denizens of flight. We three enjoyed the day together. But on the 9th June 2019 I was there for the airshow, to witness the creaking WW2 planes, thrumming 'copters and hissing jets in the company of two old buddies.

Roars of sky scratches
Broken rainbow the horizon
Dappled clouds frame the drama above
Wings and engines throb and hum
Hot coffee and grass
Cosford with friends

The following is something a little more interesting - a verse I wrote in September 2018, in the village to which my partner and I are moving next year. Perhaps they convey something of the wonderful pre-breakfast moment when the air is still cool, and the ground is still in shadow. But the sky is high and blue, and the edge of the fierce Andalucian sun slowly crosses the ground, approaching with menace. And if you're interested, below that I've included the 'spare material' I decided not to include.

Dewless dawn
Daggers of Sun poke holes through frosty haze
Sharp sheets of early light slice through fleeing shadows
Coffee cup cooling, breathing on a cool terrace
They arrive - trembling feline fluff
Awaiting their breakfast

Hard edges retreat
Bird beaks vibrate the bare sky
Garden wolf wails its warning
Car horn declares melons