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Thin Hail

· Haiku

This first haiku was my meagre reward after persevering sitting on a cold, wet, garden bench under a grey sky.

Grey sky, sun-etched bergs
Thin hail blasts a reaching lawn--
Prelapsarian dusk

This next was an attempt to capture the feeling that, if you have cuddly toys around, you're never really alone. Often I'm with my cat, Jemima, who is a sentient being and not just a thing of cloth and stuffing, but she rarely seems to look at me or my partner with anything other than undisguised contempt.

Why are these humans always so annoying? Can't they just sit there quietly when they're not slaving for me? Serving a cat can be thankless...

Infinite patience
His gentle non-judging gaze
Sits close, my teddy

And now, after cleaning the house this afternoon...

Frantic frenzied day
Eyes, mind, back - collapsed and quit
I’m done. My bed please