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Zen Wind Curtain

· Haiku,Garden birds

Over the years a handful of garden birds have hurled themselves at my patio glass door, creating an appalling thud. A couple of little bird buddies have died. But that was before I researched a solution and discovered the idea of a 'zen wind curtain', otherwise known as a 'bird saver'.

Zen wind-curtain wafts
‘Desert Camo’ paracord—-
Ends avian deaths

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Since building this I've had only one minor collision the last year, when a bunch of the cords got caught on the Clematis on the left side, leaving a large inviting gap a pigeon just couldn't resist.

Mornings can be a struggle:

Sun beams push through blinds
Feline demands morning rubs
Slug-a-bed needs tea...

A few years ago my mother transplanted forget-me-nots into the flower bed in my garden. Not all of them survived, however every year a few will appear and flower beautifully in the grass.

Unforeseen azure
Interloper on the lawn
Forget-me- ... not nice!

It strikes me now that this reads as if I have a strong dislike of this pretty little flower, but in fact I like them.

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